USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu May 20 05:33:19 PDT 2021

> US Democrats importing illegitimate non-asylees non-migrants flooding
> in wearing "Biden please let us in" t-shirts provided by SocComMarx
> orgs like Soros BLM and Dems, sole purpose is importing perma-Dem
> voting blocs and paying aka bribing for them by handing out fast track
> US Citizenship, "asylum", "free" healthcare school housing etc...
> Biggest FRAUD in US political history.  Replacement Politics

one U.S. party is importing a new electorate to dilute, and replace,
the existing U.S. electorate – and has been doing so for a decades. It
is the dominating impulse within U.S. politics

Replacement politics is nothing new. Obama used zip code targeting to
flood Minneapolis with Somalis. Now they are represented by one in
Congress while the city has been ground zero for the abdication of
responsibility by local government at the direction of the WEF.

Replacement politics has also morphed pretty quickly, thanks to the
race-baiting during Obama’s first two terms, into the
corporate/government (or do I repeat myself) program known as the Woke
Revolution. The radicalization of maleducated twentysomethings into
literal black bloc wearing Brown Shirts was always part of this plan.

And the more the Biden Obama administration pushes policies to make
life in the U.S. less ordered, the more their ranks can swell
regardless of the puppet masters’ wishes. Things like this take on a
life of their own. Such is the politics of envy and hate.

It’s also been pursued aggressively in Europe. Remember Saint Angela Merkel?

She started this process, under the demands of Schwab and George
Soros, after Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blew up
Syria and North Africa, quaintly termed the “Arab Spring” and millions
across those regions flooded Europe.
And it will most likely fail. The stresses imposed on U.S. societal
cohesion by the launch of the woke cultural revolution may prove too

>From a culture war perspective Woke-a-Cola had to backtrack on its ‘be
less white’ training. Disney had to do the same thing. Both are
feeling the pinch in their bottom line. Coke will never recover.

Unleashing chaos and believing you can control it is the ultimate in hubris.

This is the thing I fear the most, the refusal of men like Schwab to
realize when they’ve lost one war and stoke another, turning the
tightening noose of replacement politics into an intentional gyre
which consumes everyone. It’s been clear to me for more than a year
that no matter what happens in the U.S. politically over the next two
years, a weaker U.S. means a world where old enmities are let loose,
humanity’s darkest impulses encouraged and there aren’t enough people
willing to put out the fires.

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