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A new poll has found that 71 per cent of French people think the
country has had enough immigration and that it can’t take any more.

The 2021 Fraternity Barometer, a joint effort by the polling firm Ifop
and le Labo de la Fraternité, found that almost three quarters of
respondents desired to see no more immigration, while a clear majority
of 64 per cent said France should no longer accept refugees because of
the threat of terrorism.

France has suffered numerous terror attacks carried out by jihadists
who were let into the country as “refugees,” including the majority of
the Paris massacre terrorists.

As we previously highlighted, even so-called “moderate” Michel
Barnier, who was the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, is calling for a
3-5 year total ban on all immigration into the EU.

Perhaps reflecting the doublethink that still plagues people’s views
on migration, although 74 per cent acknowledged that “diversity”
creates problems and conflicts in society, 85 per cent of respondents
still said it was a “good thing.”

However, the poll results will make satisfying reading for populist
National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen, who is likely to once again
face off against Emmanuel Macron in next year’s presidential election.

A recent poll found that 60 per cent of military and police officers
would vote for Le Pen over Macron in a hypothetical second round run

The survey results arrive amidst a national controversy in France
prompted by two letters written by both retired and active duty
military servicemembers.

They warned that the country was headed towards “civil war” unless
President Macron dealt with the “disintegration” of France being
caused by Islamists and the “anti-racism” movement.

    “If a civil war breaks out, the military will maintain order on
its soil because it will be asked to do so,” stated the second letter.

A third letter written by 93 former police officers also warned that
the country is on the brink of widespread social disorder.

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