HackADay: Drone Bomber Tech, End Your Despotic Regimes In Five Minutes Or Less

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Thu May 20 03:23:54 PDT 2021


The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attempted to attack several targets
inside and south of the capital of the southern Turkish province of
Sirnak with seven small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Turkish
sources revealed on November 10

    Local sources say #PKK attacked with 4 #UAV|s in Turkey’s border
city Şırnak. The attack thwarted by Turkish security forces. The UAVs
were carrying bombs and nails. pic.twitter.com/9eRQY3fPLJ

    — Cemal Acar (@Acemal71) November 10, 2018

Experts said that the UAVs used in the attack are a modified variant
of the X-UAV mini-Talon, which is a commercial drone. A small
explosive payload and an enhanced GPS antenna were likely installed in
the drones in order to turn them into precision-guided suicide UAVs.

A day later, the PKK claimed responsibility for the attack attempt in
an official statement. The Kurdish group didn’t admit that it used
suicide UAVs to carry out the attack. However, the statement said that
a “new tactical and technical manner” was used.

According to the Turkish sources, the UAVs failed to reach their
targets due to technical failures and possible jamming by the Turkish
military. A map showing the UAVs crash sites indicates that they were
launched from the Kurdish area in northern Iraq.

    Reported locations of the Pkk’s swarm attack with model aircrafts
which was carrying explosives to Turkey’s Şırnak city.

    Pkk’nın Şırnak’da model uçaklarla yaptığı saldırılarda hedef
aldığı bölgeler. Harita, basına yansıyan bilgilerden derlenmiştir
hatalar olabilir. pic.twitter.com/rj9bwvg2Vn

    — Cemal Acar (@Acemal71) November 11, 2018

The PKK ability to modify and operate such mini suicide UAVs pose a
serious challenge to Turkey, which will likely face more and more
similar attacks in the near future.

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