Cryptocurrency: Chia Coin HDD Shortage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed May 19 22:33:56 PDT 2021

On 5/20/21, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> Tom's Hardware: Chia Coin Spurs HDD Shortage: Prices Up, High Capacities
> Sell Out.

Proofs dependent on finite resources are
obviously subject to supply/demand... electricity,
space, time, compute, etc... free market in effect.

Now all those retarded "just in time" stock levels
and limited production cap got wiped out just like
toilet paper and gasoline.

Apparently those hard laws of economics are "news".

Now Govt will arrest you for fairly solving and serving efficient
free market operations, calling it "illegal hoarding" of HDD.
Just like they arrested you for "hoarding" serving
the market with corona n95 masks.

What the pro GovBankFiat anti crypto media and pols also won't tell
you is that Chia consumes no space in comparison to what the
global Financial and Government tracking/tax theft systems,
every retailer and all other businesses, etc... all consume
in storage [and power] to store all your legacy Fiat transactions in
perpetuity, the AI storage to data mine your ass from them all,
storage to buy and sell all your data among themselves to
bend control and market you, storage spent maintaining the
censorship tables to crush and confiscate your life, etc.

Bankrupt all those legacy players... through continued adoption, use,
and development of distributed privacy cryptocurrencies, gold, goods...
After all, crypto is now the more efficient and freedom outcome,
and markets are beginning to discover and follow the path
to those faster.

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