Tor Stinks: Stealthy Traffic Analysis

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun May 16 22:34:24 PDT 2021

HF posted:
> "my years of previous interactions with the Tor Project had
> been met with everything from silence to outright hostility. ...
> With no vendor response, I escalated to a blog series
> about Tor's vulnerabilities. ... The Tor Project went on the
> defensive, trying to mitigate the risks called out in my
> previous two blog entries.  ... For the goal of getting them
> to fix something, anything, this project failed. However, I
> ended up learning much more about the Tor Project... -- HF"

grarpamp posted:
> Another 600++ were removed in September.
> Estimate 25-50% of all nodes are adversarial.

JDB posted:
> Over 25% Of Tor Exit Relays Are Spying On Users' Dark Web Activities

Tor network has been infested with bad nodes
for ~20 years ever since inception [1].
Tor Project and "community" were suggested many times to create
some new userland mindsets on risk, independent outside node
analysis groups and node cooperations, new available options for
users and usage... allowing users to plugin various externally
maintained node selection metrics and subscriptions including
based on creating various WoT's of nodes. Tor Project quietly
never bothered to make discuss or help promote those
distributed assertion/usage models further.
Instead they still limit scope to central blocking now 1000
of obviously malicious bad nodes a month, while leaving
users hanging subjected to a large percent of undetect[ed/able]
bad nodes (including TA middles/guards modulators) many
which been around for nearly as many years, and making press
releases about how their blocking is keeping users safe. Are now
pushing contact field labeling as non-solution that do nothing
(because the malactors do the labeling, sheep meet wolf, lol).
Tor Project still takes quiet inflection that it protects users,
advertises tor is stronger than it is, and users should accept
and use their pontifically safe design and relays on faith, and
not raise counterpoint question critique expo[s/$]e or options for
user benefit, else posters be censored from Tor comms channels
and people kicked from project and areas. Plus extra boot for
those maintaining independence from wokeism.

"Tor Stinks -- NSA"

[1] Just a fraction of all the nodes blocked this month alone...

Another partial list...

New overlay network designs and operations need to arise,
and from places far from involved in Tor Project.

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