COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Causing Magnitism

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun May 16 16:21:13 PDT 2021

> Do not trust this culthood of using "science" either as a synonym for
> non-existant Research and Development, or in many cases synonymous
> with the word of Him [Dr. Anthony Fauci].

[Ab]using Science, being Fauci'd... into two more curious cults.

> Video regarding Magnitism from COVID-19 Vax:

On the internet, everything is "real" "science", lol.

However people should not be deleted for speaking it,
not least because 1/100 cultists could have found
something real.

Now if this "magnitism" was real science, youtube would be
flooded with videos of people dangling steel and magnet
objects from a long thin string and demonstrating their drift
and cling to the injection site in question, grade school
science, no expensive ferro/magneto meters needed.
Of course not a single one has been able to do that,
instead they lick and glue coins and shit to their arms
and say "Look ma, no hands." Those retards are doing
disservice to battling far larger problems of programs,
in fact, many are part of the programs, vacuuming up
hordes of sheeple into manageable spaces that are
intentionally harmless to the real programs.
Snopes child version for the fake "news" media.

"Plandemic" actually refers to highly pre-gamed power
wealth control spyveillance etc grabs prepared and kept
ready to roll by voices in ruling darkweb political forces for
every major event shy of asteroidal continental destruction.
Entire dark think tanks are devoted to these things.

Look into how global messaging re Corona was seeded
early from and the distribution channels...

Same methods and goals easily seen for every category of
"news" that comes out. Less freedom freethought etc for you,
not a single one ever suggests you should have more.

Many such programs are well documented via their own sources,
without ever needing to distill them from glitches in the matrix,
those are hard for programmed people to see anyways.

Wake up, do your own research.

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