[spam] [nt] activists and law enforcement have both dedicated their lives to protecting the public

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun May 16 13:44:07 PDT 2021

I'm imagining mediating between a cop and an upset hippie.  I don't
know much about mediation.

Seems to me the phrase "both of you have dedicated your lives to
protecting others" could be hepful.  "what is right" might harmonise
with an activist better than "others" after all this conflict
stimulation we've experienced, don't really know.

I've had some exposure to upset anarchists where cops are the bad guys
all the time.  My exposure was activist biased.  Cops are called to
disrupt protests and can behave kind of sadistically sometimes.  I'm
sure htey're called because rich people have warned the city about the
protest, maybe called it terrorism or something, and they're trying to
do their job.  Dunno.

But it is incredibly frustrating to see your friends be abused and
imprisoned for trying to do what is right.

So there's an idea.  Could say to the hippie, "it must be frustrating
and infuriating beyond words to see your loved ones systemically
harmed by people wearing outfits of legitimised authority."

Then we can copy that frustration and furor over to the cop, maybe,
and imagine something for them like, "and it must be frustrating and
infuriarting beyond words for you, as well, to be ordered to harm
people you have nothing against who believe they are in the right."  I
don't really know, I don't know many cops.

Activist groups have police liasons whose dedicated role it is to work
with the police and who are incredibly excited about learning ways to
protect their movements more effictively.  Similarly, these police
liasons have people whose dedicated role it is to train them.  Working
with these people would be _incredibly helpful_ and all you have to
ask about is who they are who you can talk to about training them,
_from a place of helping the movement reach its goals via its
established approach_.

I dunno where police stand on civil disobedience, but in the USA
activists are expecting to use the historic validity of civil
disobedience to find a way to speak when their voice is unheard.  They
are expecting to be arrested for a minor crime in a fair manner.

Civil disobedience is how we passed our laws defending equality of race.

On 5/16/21, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
> i'm currently experiencing forced behaviors from the habits i
> developed during my brainwashing.
> my dream is to make it easy for people to be in information-secure
> environments, where they do not have to experience the trojan
> victimisation i have experienced, where systems will close your work,
> corrupt your data, crash meaninglessly, corrupt your applications,
> delete some of your emails, etc etc etc etc.  if it is law enforcement
> that harrasses people that thoroughly then somebody passed a very
> strange law.
> nonetheless I do not support punishment nor the blatant physical abuse
> of protestors that happens so regularly.  i do not support
> intimidation of prisoners or coercion of people who have violated a
> law.  we all need to be held to the same standards of behavior.
> i do support all protection of the public, and i am happy to believe
> that any behavior is done for that purpose.
> i would like to make it easy for people to hide from microwaves, which
> are commonly used to track victims of child abuse via compromise of
> their mobile phones.

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