[spam] [nt] activists and law enforcement have both dedicated their lives to protecting the public

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun May 16 13:24:53 PDT 2021

i'm currently experiencing forced behaviors from the habits i
developed during my brainwashing.

my dream is to make it easy for people to be in information-secure
environments, where they do not have to experience the trojan
victimisation i have experienced, where systems will close your work,
corrupt your data, crash meaninglessly, corrupt your applications,
delete some of your emails, etc etc etc etc.  if it is law enforcement
that harrasses people that thoroughly then somebody passed a very
strange law.

nonetheless I do not support punishment nor the blatant physical abuse
of protestors that happens so regularly.  i do not support
intimidation of prisoners or coercion of people who have violated a
law.  we all need to be held to the same standards of behavior.

i do support all protection of the public, and i am happy to believe
that any behavior is done for that purpose.

i would like to make it easy for people to hide from microwaves, which
are commonly used to track victims of child abuse via compromise of
their mobile phones.

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