COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Causing Magnitism

Ali Reza Hayati arh at
Sat May 15 05:34:19 PDT 2021

On 15/05/2021 16:55, Se7en wrote:

> This is one of the stupidest replies I have ever read. The fact of the
> matter is it is unknown the origin of the magnetic polarity in his
> arm, and is likely that the "Vaccine" (which it is unknown what is
> even in it) most likely injected him with a metallic substance that is
> magnetic.

So you're saying it's not a change in your grandfather's body but 
something injected there is magnetic? So you're saying a liquid injected 
to your grandfather's body made part of your grandfather's body magnetic 
but not due to change the cells but due to a magnetic thingy in your 
body that is small enough to be able to inject it with a needle? And yet 
I'm the stupid one here? LMFAO

> I must assume you are a Schizophrenic due to your insane reaching
> analysis of what I said to lead to the jump that the magnetism is
> being caused by changes in cellular biology.

I don't know, maybe I am, I just assumed that a small thing that can be 
injected with a needle can't be that affecting when it comes to magnetic 
fields. After all, I went to some parts of my life and had proper 
education about physics and biology. I also can read books.

> You have also begun all your email replies to me on the assumption
> that I "don't know how science works", as if I am some kind of
> Anti-Scientist living in the mudpuddles of history.

I didn't assume you're anti-science, I just assumed you don't know how 
this works based on your email.

> You have a crass and pompous attitude against anything (it seems) and
> I am offended by your insulting my own intelligence.

I am truly sorry that I insulted you. I didn't intend to do that.

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