COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Causing Magnitism

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Sat May 15 05:25:15 PDT 2021

On 21-05-15 16:40:37, Ali Reza Hayati wrote:
> This Scientism Cult you mention is very interesting. Basically you claim
> every part or take you don't understand or every person who disagrees with
> you using scientific explanation that high school teens study is part of a
> cult. Good to know.

That is not what I said at all. There is something grotesquely wrong
with with. 

> Let's analyze what you said.
> [Snip]
> Back to your claim. To make your grandfather's arm magnetic, we should
> create a magnetic field in your grandparent's body. This must be done using
> your grandfather's cells and atoms.
> [Snip]

This is one of the stupidest replies I have ever read. The fact of the
matter is it is unknown the origin of the magnetic polarity in his
arm, and is likely that the "Vaccine" (which it is unknown what is
even in it) most likely injected him with a metallic substance that is

I must assume you are a Schizophrenic due to your insane reaching
analysis of what I said to lead to the jump that the magnetism is
being caused by changes in cellular biology.

You have also begun all your email replies to me on the assumption
that I "don't know how science works", as if I am some kind of
Anti-Scientist living in the mudpuddles of history.

You have a crass and pompous attitude against anything (it seems) and
I am offended by your insulting my own intelligence. 

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