COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Causing Magnitism

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Sat May 15 05:10:37 PDT 2021

This Scientism Cult you mention is very interesting. Basically you claim 
every part or take you don't understand or every person who disagrees 
with you using scientific explanation that high school teens study is 
part of a cult. Good to know.

Let's analyze what you said.

You claimed your grandfather has had the Phizer vaccine, both 
injections. He has had them in his upper-right arm. You have confirmed 
that the location of injection is in-fact magnetic.

You surely know how magnets work. A magnet is any object that produces 
its own magnetic field that interacts with other magnetic fields. 
Magnets have two poles, a north pole and a south pole. The magnetic 
field is represented by field lines that start at a magnet’s north pole 
and end at the south pole.

All magnets have north and south poles. Opposite poles are attracted to 
each other, while the same poles repel each other. When you rub a piece 
of iron along a magnet, the north-seeking poles of the atoms in the iron 
line up in the same direction. The force generated by the aligned atoms 
creates a magnetic field.

Back to your claim. To make your grandfather's arm magnetic, we should 
create a magnetic field in your grandparent's body. This must be done 
using your grandfather's cells and atoms.

Back to science, high school science, every cell has atoms in them. 
Atoms are spinning and they have their own magnetic field to be able to 
spin or move. You surely have seen so-called science cartoons and are 
familiar with what I'm describing.

What makes those magnetic fields not interact with magnets we use daily 
(like those we attach to refrigerator), is that those fields are either 
so weak or the magnetic fields don't produce same energy as the ones we 
pin on metal objects we have. There's other reasons too but I don't want 
to get to them as it's not necessary.

Now, to make those fields strong enough and capable of attracting 
another field, we should change the energy (increase it) and also 
extract the iron in the blood cells and atoms and connect them together 
and make them big enough to be able to do such thing.

Now to deform blood cells and atoms, we have to destroy those cells. You 
claim a part of your grandfather's body is magnetic, it means part of 
your grandfather's body is completely destroyed and his iron cells are 
extracted, without affecting other parts, which is very interesting 
claim. I know many biologist who are interested to work on this.

Anyway, where was I? Aha. A magnetic field to be able to interact with a 
magnet needs energy. That energy comes from free atoms that are going 
and coming from two fields. If you tested your grandfather's body with a 
magnet and it got attached, it means there's enough energy in your 
grandfather's magnetic field. With that magnetic energy, that can 
attract a magnet, other parts of your grandfather's body can't remain 

So I assume your grandfather's body to explode. Now, either tell us your 
grandfather exploded or you're just not sure what is happening or what 
you say.

Back to your email.

You mentioned some quotes from some who wanted to use the name of 
science to prove their idiotic sayings. This is in-fact very inaccurate 
as what my friends here said was physics and biology rather than some 
stupid claim, like yours or quotations you sent.

Thank you Se7en, The One and Only!

On 15/05/2021 16:10, Se7en wrote:
> On 21-05-15 15:57:16, Ali Reza Hayati wrote:
>> Do you really expect that person to understand science? Like, for real?
> You are a part of the problem. You are part of the Scientism
> cult. What is being peddled around the globe is not "Science" but a
> Scientific Priesthood in which anything can be said to be a result of
> "The Science".
> "The Science says that masks are nessesary."
> -- Modern World
> "The Science says that reading and art are bad for you."
> -- Mao Zedong
> "The Science says that we can simply spray antibiotics onto plants to
> prevent their attack by insects with no adverse concequences."
> -- Monsanto
> "There may be a significant correlation between a Vitamin D deficency
> and illness reported to be a cause of the SARS-COV-19 virus and
> warrants an investigation."
> Do not trust this culthood of using "science" either as a synonym for
> non-existant Research and Development, or in many cases synonymous
> with the word of Him [Dr. Anthony Fauci].
> I would have expected a cypherpunk anonymous group to be quicker on
> the uptake.

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