How would you do that ...

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 15 02:01:48 PDT 2021

You would need to research...

- if BadUSB requires the host OS to program the firmwares
in one or both of the host and mated usb chips,
or if also a usb chip can alone program the firmware
of the usb mate that is plugged into it.

- if that cable speaks dumb serial over its middle,
or a usb protocol as if mated over middle wire.
Usb to dumb serial proto converters exist in that case.
Then even some more coded escapes could be filtered out
down to only ASCII with some makerboard in middle etc.
Because "bytes" to the app are not necessarily what
extra bytes are flying on an underlying proto bus.

Don't cross infect stuff.

FTDI has stories about driver "intellectual property".

> what about audio cable data transfers

Someone posted some qrcode tools among
talk of bitstreams over video patterns.

Maybe there is some secret encoded data message between
speaker and earphone, or not, no cable needed ;)

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