COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Causing Magnitism

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri May 14 23:09:54 PDT 2021

On 5/14/21, Se7en <se7en at> wrote:
> Today, after hearing the comments on COVID-19 "Vax" leading to odd
> reports of magnitism and hightened EMF Radiation, I tested my
> grandfather's arm using refrigerator magnets. He has had "both" jabs,
> in the same general area (his upper-right arm). I can confirm that his
> arm is magnitized, and the multiple magnets I used to test the
> alligations all stuck to his arm using the magnetic force.
> I do not have the ability to test for EMF.
> Video regarding Magnitism from COVID-19 Vax:

So you're saying this vax is really engineering cells DNA
to extract iron ore from your blood and nano accumulate
it into the region of injection?
And that injecting your earlobes will give you birdbrained geo
navigational capabilities, and that getting the jab in "both"
your balls will give you the heavy hangers you always wanted.
What if you are iron deficient and obese from getting paid Leftist
forced stay-in-home lockdown Corona UBI so that now can't walk
100m without getting dizzy and passing out?
What if you get the "booster" shot, do you sink in the water
or become like Thor's hammer?
What about the copper field coils in double helix necessary to
tune in and harness all this biomolecular "EMF" being generated?
Price of copper is up 75% since Corona, so that's 62% from
you VaxEMF'ers charging your solar packs from your gonads
while sleeping at night, and 13% from the GM mosquitos stealing
the entire global production of UV bug zappers to sanitize all
the air they fly through so they don't catch the "flu", right?

Why not go do something useful such as adding an extractor
for to youtube-dl...

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