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> hello Karl, replies below as usual :)
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> On Friday, May 7, 2021 2:56 AM, Karl Semich <0xloem at> wrote:
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> > This person posted a complete design for crucial freedom technology
> > and signed their real name to it, with no associated implementation.
> >
> > We badly, badly need such technology, and people have been designing
> > things like it for many years now, without successfully getting
> > their implementations used.
> >
> > Why are people still publishing designs without implementations in
> > disruptive channels, after all these years?
> there is always a tension between publicity and privacy in this
> situations. you want participants to help with the projecy, but
> you don't want detractors or malicious individuals drawing focus
> away from getting work done.
> in the ideal world, a decentralized reputation system would
> scrutinize potential members before incorporating them into a
> group. in practice, we always seem to rely on real-world
> networks and digital groups with poor reputation metrics.
> overall, i think the benefits of publicity outweight the
> potential harms. it's better to be open!

It's good to be open if you have crucial new design information and don't
need to finish.

But you need something to keep the work alive first if it can be used to
subvert a major dictatorship or law enforcement tactic.

It's really great to be open!  It's needed!  But using your real name puts
your entire project at risk.

> best regards,
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