[spam] People posting dangerously to list, was Re: “Intercon”, decentralised social and economic systems of the future

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Fri May 7 02:56:18 PDT 2021

This person posted a complete design for crucial freedom technology and
signed their real name to it, with no associated implementation.

We badly, badly need such technology, and people have been designing things
like it for many years now, without successfully getting their
implementations used.

I am worried this person and people exposed to or attempting to implement
their idea could now be harmed.  I am greatly saddened that oppressors have
such a huge and clear opportunity to prevent and hide this work, before
anybody can use it to fight the oppression.

Why are people still publishing designs without implementations in
disruptive channels, after all these years?  What can we do to change this
behavior to one more likely to succeed?  How can we protect and help this
design reach not only implementation but also popularity?
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