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Thu May 6 17:48:44 PDT 2021

WSA:  Let's do the battle where you felt better.

SS:  It wasn't a battle.

WSA:  Humor me.  Let's make a new person.

Mysterious Helper:  Let's talk in reasons instead of strategies!

SS:  I guess that's helpful.  Ummm ...

MH:  Have at there!  <lunges>

SS:  So when people attack ...

WSA:  Yes.  They feel upset.

MH:  I am so upset at you!

SS:  You need me to understand you better?

WSA:  Understanding ...  this means analysing an opposing force so as to
surreptitiously destroy them, right?  Wouldn't talking about this go poorly?

SS:  No, um.  Countries have citizens and soldiers.  Citizens are like,
people who are _not_ soldiers and _never_ participate in war.  When they
talk about waging a war it is like a joke.  Not a serious war where
strategy is analysed and things.

WSA:  This sounds important and concerning.

SS:  When a citizen "understands" another citizen, it is considered a good
thing by the other party.  They like it.  This is because since neither
citizen is ever at serious war with the other, the understanding is used in
ways to benefit them.

WSA:  And I can tell you are rephrasing that to make it souns more
military.  I wonder what the real truth is.

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