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Thu May 6 17:31:23 PDT 2021

WSA:  In "war stimulation" we really focus on goals and strategies!  We get
pople really riled up about specific stories and strategies.  You're trying
to move the focus towards needs and reasons behind the stories of
conflict.  That's kind of new and hard for us.  I mean, those reasons might
be just kind of randomly picked ... and there are a lot of other cognitive
situations that can happen that you're not really considering.  Hmm.

SS3:  You feel like you just have to say this, don't like?  Like it's
somehow so very important?

SS2:  I guess technically, but if you said that to me I sure would disagree
with it!  You guys are jerks and idiots and that's why everything is!

WSA:  I think it would be good to work with us so we can move their minds
to even consider real, normal reasons at all.

SS2 looks at WSA.

SS2:  Really, you guys give us stories that have reasons in them.  If you
let us take charge a little, I bet we could do this.

WSA:  Well, I suppose we could try that out.  But when you do something I
don't expect it might raise a flag and we likely could have to restart a
few times.
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