List Messages Being Disrupted

Karl gmkarl at
Thu May 6 03:09:58 PDT 2021

To me the email at
indicates that messages are likely being disrupted somehow.

To me, it does not really show whether that is happening at pglaf, an isp
or government, or the behavior of the poster of the message.

I have heard others (James) complain of spam bouncing on this list.  I have
never received a spam bounce myself.  I thought Greg stated some months ago
that there was no spam filter on the host.

The message would be _far_ more credible if it contained an actual raw copy
of the bounce email attached.  But it still looks incredibly credible.

The correct solution here is cryptographic message delivery.  It is clear
the people running this list are being harmed, that there is no easy way,
already, to prove what actually happened around that spam bounce.
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