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Wed May 5 17:47:57 PDT 2021


IP:  How do I talk about how they hurt their people when they talk with
TV:  Are you trying to hurt me??
IP:  No!  That makes no sense!  Are you trying to brainwash me?
TV:  Yes.  Can you please do anything to stop me?
IP:  Don't worry.  I have a very strong mind.  You can't brainwash me.
TV:  What a way to get brainwashed!  Imagine encrypting a message by
feeling confident that nobody will look at it.  I discovered a way to
encrypt any message easily!  I tell people it is securely encrypted.  It
works every time!
IP:  Now are you brainwashing me?
TV:  I thought you were saying you were the only person on earth who could
talk and act on the postal service being a trash compactor.
IP:  Yes.  I am certain that that is a solvable problem.
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