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Mon May 3 17:33:21 PDT 2021

On 5/3/21, tarsiec <tarsiec at> wrote:
>> President Biden is coming under fire from both sides of the aisle
>> for constantly wearing a mask despite announcing that vaccinated
>> people no longer require face coverings when outdoors. In other
>> words, it's simply virtue signaling at this point.

> Wearing a mask is always recommended, even if you are already vaccinated.

"Wearing a plastic bubble is always recommended, even if,"
like most people, you "already" got dozens of vaccinations
in your life.

So why are you all not wearing your plastic bubbles,
ever before in life, with deadly bugs all around you,
not even when visiting bathrooms and peoples in hospitals
all full of more bugs, but now are wearing bubble on your
face for rest of life? Lol.

And where all your Stazi ID cards for all those vaccines,
Oh but now you going to start demanding them cards now,
like Nazi assholes executing this new slave control program
on each other now that they pumped your brain full of that shit.

They are trying to break you down and 0wn you even more.

Fight back against their new shit program.

> The president is just setting the example that the unvaccinated majority of
> the country should follow.

Everyone knows president is vaccinated,
so is clearly demonstrating example some combo of
a) vax don't work
b) other peoples mask don't work
c) your mask don't work
d) distance don't work
e) washing phlegm off your hands don't work
f) awareness of and selecting your own social group don't work
g) deep personal fear of death from a bug
h) spreading a fear FUD program into millions of peoples minds
i) messaging slaves to remain masked sheeple,
give up rights, obey orders and control of the Ruler, etc.
j) ...

If these pols really cared they would be leading open convos
on statistics, science, free thought, free choice, being aware
of impacts on limited community resources and publishing
their status levels and seeking assistance if low, heeding your
own body stay home when ill, and importance of being considerate
and charitable.

Instead they grabbed more power, locked everyone down,
vaporized small business, ruined economies and people into
debt, wrecked other healthcare needs, censored alternative views
and lifestyles, saturated Fake News with panic FUD 24x7,
confused people with random policies and medsci infos, supported
rioters, voted in vast piles of new self-authorized force oppressive "laws"
for future use against your freedom, manipulated elections, etc,
including hypocrited themselves to death.

Yes there's some good self-protection science out there,
so wear a mask and get vaccinated if it suits you.

But please follow the NAP and leave other people the fuck alone.

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