Gaming The System... Plan Your Fun

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Mon May 3 16:10:56 PDT 2021

Guramrit Hanspal, 52, has filed four lawsuits and claimed bankruptcy
seven times to avoid being booted from the 2,081-square-foot East
Meadow home he “bought” for $290,000 in 1998. So far, it’s worked: Two
different banks and a real estate company have owned the
three-bedroom, 2.5-bath home since Hanspal was foreclosed upon in
2000. But Hanspal remains...

>From exploiting and crapflooding courts and laws,
to jury nullification,
to cryptocurrency,
to effective numbers of coordinated people in standing
protest of all sorts, forcing the system to embarassingly
expose itself against groups of people who clearly hold
the high moral ground...

to one guy and his friends living a house
for free against banksters for 20 years...

There are ways to make a difference and have fun with it.
Get with others and get your creative game on.

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