Cryptocurrency: Costs of Fiat are Unsustainable Not Crypto, VZ Bitcoin Satellite, CloudFlare

Karl gmkarl at
Mon May 3 02:22:33 PDT 2021

The only reason bitcoin is an energy waste is because of the development
and publicity situation.

There are numerous solutions to making cryptocurrency energy-linear and
appropriately anonymous, but these are all used by altchains rather than
bitcoin core.

It's notable that people might trust bitcoin more if balances were not
immediately available on a block explorer.  Of course those balances can be
quite wrong because a wallet is made of many private keys.

With some effective and supportive human work among or near the core team,
the problems would resolve quickly.

Meanwhile many support bitcoin because we need popular control and
transparent cryptographic reliability in the global economy.  It makes us
money to have math in competition with politics, and verifies integrity of
our records and messages.  I hope.

I've been shifting towards ethereum a little again.  There's a Wrapped BTC
token for trading bitcoin on ethereum dexs.  I haven't looked at the
contracts to verify reliability at all, though.  Ideally it would get block
and tx hashes stored cross-chain, dunno whether it does.

Learn and practice smart contracts.
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