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Sun May 2 07:59:29 PDT 2021 universal radio hacker open source SDR multinode IDE tuned for redhat
systems, has code generation


I finally got my nyansat gymbal running!  I'm using a raspberry pi instead
of an esp32 for easier turnaround.  The parts of the framework I ported are
at in the nyansat/station subfolder.
(import antenny; api = antenny.esp32_antenna_api_factory()).  motor and imu
should be connected to pi i2c pins, and it'll look for adafruit's
circuitpython libraries.

I'm pretty sure you could use ICA and adaptive subsampling to make a cheap
realtime image of your local radio environment with one of these.  Could
also a dish antenna on the gymbal to not need ICA.  This would help enough
in reusably describing shielded rooms that I'm still trying to move forward
on it, after all these years.

It doesn't look to me like the nyansat is actually _using_ its imu for
anything.  I asked in the chat where the imu is used to calibrate the
motors and no reply yet.  They might be waiting for someone to flush their
stubs out.  I would have organised the code differently to provide for
sub-duty-cycle-precision expansion options and more backend platforms.
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