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Later, Percy was hauling the computer to the back of an alley before
settling down to continue winning jackpots.

His face was drawn and his skin pale.  His mouth and eyes were dry from
thirst, making it hard to see.

As he touched his phone, his muscles twitched and he made noises, as if
these behaviors helped him play the game better.

Then, he switched to a different app and visited the site of an
organisation called Caring Therapists Collective.


"Yes.  I have over a million jackpots and would like to do a dial-in

"One moment please."

Percy waited, and then a human came on.

"Hello.  I'm excited to listen to you today.  It says here you needed
assistance completing the intake form?"

While dancing his fingers on his phone, Percy stumbled out "I was kept in
one room and programmed to do the rote bidding of other people all my
life.  I didn't know this wasn't normal.  I walked into a bar today and I
had no idea what to do."

"Ohhh this sounds so confusing for you.  We don't get a lot of funding to
help with cases like yours, but I care a lot myself and I'm certain we can
help you.  I have an opening at 2pm tomorrow, does that work for you?"

"Jackpot!" said Percy, and hung up.
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