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First, I made some big errors earlier, errors I made before.  I didnt
engage the list people well in the slightest.  The reason to support the
covid conspiracy page is because it links to crucial tools, who cares
whether there's a conspiracy.  And it's horrible to support coercion or
censorship.  Not sure how that'll resolve.

On to the ideajokehope:

I come from the authoritarian state of Common Sense.  I understand you have
various concerns to relate, but we all follow strict laws in my state, and
I would ask you to relate with the formal process if you have any concerns.

Many people here also hail from our home country of Common Sense.  There
are different factions, but it's all roughly similar, so if you have any
questions you can ask pretty much anybody.  Just let them know you're
trying to understand the laws held in the state of Common Sense.

One thing to understand about the Common Sense country, is that everyone is
required to work to sustain reliable private communication with people they
care about, at all times.  We also make sure that importabt true things we
know are also known by these people, and vice versa.

In the country of Common Sense, when something is awry, everyone is
required to remember the thing that went awry to some degree, and make sure
action is taken on it if it seems important.  This is a law we hold!

We don't usually worry about our Common Sense laws, because in this
authoritarian country called Common Sense, we all hold and adhere to the
laws since birth, and there is absolutely no process for changing them:
another law that protects the rest.

Hope you are well.
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