Assassination Politics

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Thu Jul 29 16:56:36 PDT 2021

Anarchist Vigilantes: An Idea for Real Justice (Part 1/2) (LUA Podcast #57)

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Im joined once again
by our creative consultant, Kyle Rearden. In this part 1 of a 2-part
series, we discuss vigilantism; more specifically:

 The history of vigilantism in America
 The role comic books have played in its popularity
 How to fund a committee of vigilance or an individual vigilante
 How vigilantism could shift public perception of anarchist to a positive light
 What training is necessary for vigilantes

And much, much more. Next week, we will tie it all together with a
discussion on assassination politics and avenging angels, a concept
promoted by Rayo in the 1960s. Kyle and I believe weve put together
a plausible, rough outline for how real justice could be achieved
and how to further efforts towards a (utopian) free society.

Anarchist Vigilantes: Assassination Politics, and Avenging Angels
(Part 2/2) (LUA Podcast #58)

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Kyle Rearden joins
me to conclude this two-part series on anarchist vigilantes,
assassination politics, and avenging angels. Last week, we went in
depth into how anarchist vigilantes could be used to defend person
and property, drive public perception of anarchism in a positive
direction, and how it could be used as a way to eventually abolish
the State. This week, we tie all three of these things together and
attempt to answer these questions:

 How could an assassination market work? How could the security
 of the participants be ensured? Could assassination markets be
 used as a tool to abolish the State? Slow the parasitism of an
 existing State? And more

 What are avenging angels? Could this use of Pavlovian psychology
 on the State actually work? How does an avenging angel fund
 differ from a legal defense fund? And more

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