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Tech Breakthrough Morphs Gigabit WiFi into Terabit Satellite Internet
by Carlos A Rios — July 26, 2021Reformulated terrestrial radio MIMO technology could empower SpaceX to singlehandedly bridge the global digital divide by decade’s endMid-decade “Dynamic Polarization” – upgraded SpaceX Starlink Gateways, LEO satellite and Subscriber CPE
A highly unlikely, radically innovative synthesis of millimeter wave antenna design, digital communications coding, new-school terrestrial radio multi-signal processing and old-school satellite directional transmission could be delivering High Definition Internet from way-on-high to billions by 2026. This piece describes recently patented Dynamic Polarization Spatial Multiplexing and Beamforming (“Dynamic Polarization”, or “DPSMXBF”) technology and how it could enable so-upgraded Low Earth Orbit satellite (“LEOSat”) networks to close the worldwide Internet Haves versus Have-nots “digital divide” in just a few years.

Two decades into the new millennium a decided preponderance of the planet’s population still lacks good video-quality Internet at home. One might think that all those newfangled LEOSat constellations now starting to launch could together finally mend that particularly 21st century global socioeconomic rift, but not even SpaceX’s full-up Starlink network can even begin trimming back the masses of Netflix-deprived. Its planned 12k 15 Gbps satellites will deliver less than 2M 720p HD streams to the billion-plus households clamoring below, an over 100x Internet capacity shortfall. So, as launching 1.2M satellites likely exceeds the wherewithal of even Elon Musk, one might conclude that the global Internet connectivity chasm will remain un-spanned for some while."
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