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Tue Jul 27 23:44:24 PDT 2021

> How stupid

Jackass Biden Insults and Threatens Americans
with losing their jobs and more lockdowns,
after insulting the military multiple times,
insulting Black people,
dissing American holidays, etc...

President Biden delivered an address Tuesday to the US intelligence
community, but afterwards he was peppered with questions about the
national COVID effort by reporters. While he mocked and ridiculed
everyone who hasn't gotten the vaccine yet, he told reporters that the
White House is weighing a requirement for federal workers. "If you
haven't gotten the vaccine by now then you're not nearly as smart as I
    President Biden, in response to a question about a possible
vaccine mandate for Federal employees: "That's under consideration
right now, but if you're not vaccinated, you're not nearly as smart as
I thought you were."
    — Ayman Mohyeldin Reports (@AymanMSNBC) July 27, 2021

Biden added that if people get vaccinated and wear masks, it will help
avoid lockdowns. But of course that's not true. In reality, measures
like the new mask guidance are more likely a prelude to ordering
another lockdown, with all the stimulus and federal, Fed-backstopped
money printing to convince voters that their only hope is to stick
with the Democrats through the midterms...and beyond.
White House calls masks 'extra' protection for vaccinated while
reiterating 'the vaccines work'

Here's another asshole...
Charles Barkley: "The only people who are not vaccinated are just assholes"

NPR slams Ben Shapiro for drawing huge traffic by… just being conservative

Political Free Speech turning illegal in the USA, enforced by politicians...

Fuck Biden.

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