California 1 - Corbyn 0

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Jul 27 20:50:00 PDT 2021

CODERMAN scribbled ...

"...   i have to laugh at the tagline: "Make socialism scientific again!"
as science is by definition agnostic to such concerns.

if you want a lasting socialist order, you need to empower the individual.
this is more a fight for "peaceful Hain" than a mastery of S.T.E.M.

the fully empowered, fully decentralized individual lives authentic anarchy!
(spoiler alert: authentic rational anarchy is the only sustainable socialism :) ..."

YES,  there is a lot to laugh about authoritarian socialism, and authoritarian socialist type - take our resident poorly-recovering, Marxist, James A. Donald. 
He's a laugh riot.
Then there's the Sartrean Stalinist, John Young.  Eat your heart out, Jim Carey.

If you want a lasting crypto-anarchist order you have to clean house so that no shitcoiner socialist can realistically accuse us of fascism of the left ( see above )

OR - more important in this context - so no-one from anywhere can accuse any of us of being Randite-Paultard, Austro-libertarian MORONS.

Revolutions famously devour their young. So if it takes a bloodbath lets get it over with. 

Welcome to the global anarchist revolution.

Death to America.

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