Shit's Been Getting Weirder in the World...

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>> Shit's been getting weirder in the world,
>> something opened Pandora's Box a while back...
> Translation that doesn't hack you like YouTube does:
> [sequence from ghostbusters of crowds dancing as suppressed spirits of
> their media are released en masse to wreak otherworldly havoc]

Honoring A Bug, One Of Many Unhonored:

My phone turned some word, which I have now forgotten, into "dancing."  I
can't see well, didn't see it, and hit send.  I think the word was likely
"panicing" , and it is again turned into "dancing" when I type it.

It's 08:16 A, new york time.  I'm trying to disable autocorrect on my
phone.  I want to learn to use it properly, but I want to send people the
right words more.  Visiting Settings.

It's 08:18A, and after getting lost and confused amidst the selection tree
of my phone's settings, I eventually disabled google voice input (which I
kept accidentally triggering), and google autofill.  Let's try typing that
word: dancing.   It changed it to dancing again.  Time to disable
blackberry spellcheck.

It's 08:20 and I've disabled my phone's spellchecker.  Despite being top of
my classes in school after a childhood of reading, I now have trouble
remembering the spellings of words, but I feel more relaxed that red
underlines are still appearing in my gmail.  Let's try that word: dancing.
It still changed.

I'll try closing gmail and reopening this email from a draft.  I'll reboot
my phone, too.  It's 08:22A.

08:25 after a 3 minute reboot.  Dancing!  .  It still mutates it.  I guess
it's a feature of blackberry keyboard?  This phone does not have a public
root tool, purportedly because it is hard to hack.  The toggle button for
its oem keyboard is greyed out in the settings.  I spent a minute or so
removing garbage letters from this paragraph.

08:28 and I'm looking for more settings.

08:29 and I disabled "keyboard gestures" but suggestions are still popping
up: dancing.   Nope.  Guess I get to download an alternative keyboard app!

08:31. I'm trying to download an app called "codeboard keyboard" but I'm
worried it is a virtual keyboard when I have a physical keyboard on this
phone.  Maybe I  can long press on the suggestion interface to find
settings? Nope.  I'll searx for the setting.  0832.

0834.  I found the settings for the keyboard in my phone.  My behavior
habits were specifically avoiding what I was looking for, as is common for
me now.

0835 arright, and I turned spell check back on: panicing !!!!

Now this log gets to see more of my body's typing quirks and fewer of my
phone's.  Unique.


I have bloated and spammed this thread, and not addressed this.  I meant
"panicing" , not "dancing" .

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