USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Jul 27 02:50:25 PDT 2021
Liberals need 1/6 to be some momentous event because it gives them
purpose and vindication. Journalists need it because, for many, it was
the most exciting and scary thing they ever did. The security state
loves it because it's what justifies their power and budget.
@SeanMcCarthyCom January 6th 2021 might be the least important date in
this country's entire history. Congress could find 5 more important
things that happened yesterday to focus on

Left's Monopoly of Censorship and Steering inside
BigTech+Media = Election was a Manipulated Fraud...
How long till this happens here in the United States of America?
Oh, um yea, NVM...
@Reuters Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's website blocked
by regulator before election

All of BigTech recently met in person to figure out how
to manipulate FreeSpeech even more, now they're
rolling their plan into production starting with the
usual FUD and FHOTI excuses...
Communism here we come! I'm wondering what about far-left terrorist
groups like ANTIFA? I assume they get a pass like they have for the
past 18 months of violence, rioting, arson, murder, amongst other
@disclosetv - Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, and other Big
Tech companies will now add content to a shared counterterrorism "key
database," aiming to crack down on material from "white supremacists
and far-right militias" (Reuters)

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