Re: The Verge: Amazon reportedly has a ‘key’ to thousands of apartment buildings in US

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Jul 27 00:38:58 PDT 2021


Amazon Ring "partnered" with and enabled all sorts of bad shit
outside your control that you wouldn't want around or in your life.
Everything from spies, permanent audiovideo databases,
loss of privacy, total spyveillance facial recog plate reading
timestamping sales and sharing of everyone and everything
in range, and of course intrusion by the State.

Amazon Key will do the same thing, except this
time they'll literally physically let them in your door...
everything from creepy delivery people, digital crooks
who stole ransomed cracked malwared cloned the keypairs,
any social engineer, and the State.

This is why High Voltage and or HERF zapper
maker kits will start appearing online... so people
can fry all these fucking things as they walk,
or fly their resistance drones, by.  Plasma Channel

See also "BoxLock" "Haven Connect" "BenjiLock" "UniKey" ...

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