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Mon Jul 26 21:05:34 PDT 2021


Filecoin providers are seemingly rejecting my address.  Nobody seems to
recognise the error.

I'm somewhat confused.

I'm thinking of the hackerspaces list I tried to join once.  List software
didn't respond to me getting on.

I'm thinking a little of when I was using certificate pinning, and the
certificates of websites changed.  I wonder if there's a way to see
evidence like that again.

Often there are thoughts around having a secure system.  But how to keep a
system secure when I myself could be the one dissociating and compromising
it?  Probably over-concerned about this, unsure.

My olimex soc started shuffling its serial console baud on boot, and I got
confused why that would ever happen, and stopped pursuing setting it up.  I
think I ordered a cheap oscilloscope, that sounds helpful.  I could also
maybe build something oscilloscope-like.  I also have an old oscilloscope
somewhere, maybe in another state not sure.

That soc used to be my most stable device, but I did leave it in an
unlocked empty vehicle for a year or so.

Maybe trying with another small system could help.  Just a sense of trust
for the system, can go a long way.  I'm not sure what system to try.

Here's an idea: I could see if my soc is still shuffling its baud rates.
If so, I could try a new OS and see if it behaves the same.  At some point,
I use it to verify its own gpg signature or something.  But even just
getting it to a point where it's serial console is reliable sounds quite

It's probably good to take logs of the conditions of things like that.
What's been plugged into the system.  What the OS image was plugged into
before being placed into the system.  Something small that can be used to
logically narrow problem sources down.
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