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Mon Jul 26 15:32:11 PDT 2021

The thing to know about such codewords is that they mean different things
to different people and are mostly used to control them rather than the
side effect of communication.


My perception of "movie" relates to surveillance of targeted folks, and
maybe covering it up in front of other people or monetizing it.  Others may
have other ideas, and I'll have other ideas when I'm in different mental
states, during which I remember different sets of my experiences.

But since such words are ridiculous attempts to pretend that human
trafficking is ok or normal, they can mean whatever we want and be slightly
used to even manipulate the traffickers themselves if you happen to already
be their plaything.

So I was shifting the meaning of "movie" to the public watching these
surveillance logs after they spread widely enough.  The slavers are too
confident to believe that could ever happen.
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