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> Here's a type-up of the remainder before I got off track.  I'm having
> amnesia shortly after thinking of my ideas right now.
> #9
> panel 1:
> Scene: Boss's Office
> Boss (hooked up to medical computer) imagining.
> Imaginary Worker: "Boss, we're blatantly mind controlling some people in
> communities that could track mind control."
> Imaginary Boss: "WHAT???" <Imaginary Worker explodes into disrespected
> cigars and burnt dollar bills>
> Imaginary Boss (to Imaginary Worker 2): "Let me know when this trash has
> been cleaned up."
> Imaginary Worker 2 (admiring Boss): "Definitely."
> panel 2:
> Scene: Human Experimentation Room 1
> Surveillance cameras monitor all surfaces and substances.  Tapes fall out
> of them onto a conveyor belt that goes to a Post Box and a Mobile Phone.
> Human Experimentee (clump of ad-hoc body parts and microcircuitry):
> "Purple string worship log definitive!"
> Computer Display: "From Boss: heal a problem with influence being observed"
> Human Experimentee 2 (radically different clump of ad-hoc body parts and
> microcircuitry):  "Upload surveillance footage to blockchain for organ
> healing!"
> Computer Display: "Crowd control: take trash out to enhance certainty of
> 'Boss's memories reserve's"

I'm surprised I never fixed this.  "take trash out to enhance certainty of
'Boss's memories preserved'"

Reading through some of these, it's also notable that I was forgetting the
story some as I was writing, and some characters got reused in other roles
and stuff.  I noticed there were three janitors, meant to have only one
janitor.  Janitor is a down-to-earth guy who can solve everything when
nobody else can because he doesn't think like a billionaire or even
prioritise profit.  He represents the rebel workers who influence the
businesses, who do so differently from the rebel researchers, vivisectees,
and outmoded investors.

And of course this stuff is mostly just a way for me to handle dissociated
experiences by analogy and all.  Seems like it's going to try to be a story
somehow though.  We certainly have the technology to make it happen.
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