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Sun Jul 25 19:02:19 PDT 2021

>> The world's problems have been solved.  Like John Lennon said:  it's
>> there when you want it.  Find the 12-step plan for overhauling America
>> on Mark Janssen (yes, myself) Facebook
> I tried this.  Typing "Mark Janssen" into Facebook gives on an experience
> of profile pictures of different people named "Mark Janssen" where you can
> keep scrolling the browser and never seem to hit the end of them.

Sorry, Karl.  Try adding Gothenburg, Nebraska or some subset of that.

> wall.  For example, why would
>> the world's coal and oi (or any part of the commonwealth)l belong to a
>> private enterprise?  The people should anaylze it's true value, tax it
>> at that rate (or half), and then consume it all they want -- they
>> presumeably won't consume it unless they're making equal or greater
>> value than they spent.  The public revenue can be used to provide free
>> public transport from the savings of all the privately-owned vehicles
>> which will be off the road.  Saving enomrous amounts of land real
>> estate, public road maintenance, and meter or other enforcement.  It's
>> a no-brainer.
> So how do we include the powerholders?

The powerholders aren't excluded.


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