Freedom Phone - The First Phone Startup Bootstrapped by Crypto?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Jul 25 14:30:11 PDT 2021

> What do you think of this phone for maga?

Tools are agnostic, thus it's out of context for
people to give opinions as to whether or not
they would work "for" political parties.
Given the major political parties in power all
over the world seek ever more power to rule
over you, it would be stupid to give a tool only
to them and not to the world's people. And GovMil
contractors do that even more directly and culpably.
FreedomPhone is selling the phone to whoever wants
to buy one so the situation is different from those two.
You could also make your own phone and restrict sales
to non-GovCorp, or to just Libertarians, or to just your
own favorite pet group, etc, or try to convince existing
sellers to, but as with all tools and tech, that's hard to
enforce and hard to enforce for very long.

The problem is really what you're raising and teaching
people to do with tools, not the tools themselves.
Since you're still teaching them to fuck you and each
other and everyone else over with them, it should be no
surprise that you are indeed getting fucked.

The analysis of all phones and computing is the same...

First accept the fact that *none* of the HW is
yet #OpenHW from #OpenFabs, thus the entire
thing is totally untrustable from the start.

Then you're left considering the usual...

- Any usable HW [in]security modules
- Baseband cell
- WiFi, BT, NFC
- Firmware, blobs, etc
- OS kernel
- SW applications

Does Librem5, PinePhone, FreedomPhone, or whatever
other "secure" sort of phone on the market meet your needs?
Can you modify any existing phone to meet your needs?
Else you need to go make a phone that does.
Or accept the current state of affairs.
Or stop using phones.

There are some efforts to port stock BSD and Linux
kernels to ARM64 phones, so there's that option
instead of the Android or iOS or Windows etc stacks.

> they can track

Unfortunately the billions of people carrying around
SIM transponders in their pocket 24x365 haven't
woke up to even the simplest of those problems yet.

Try teaching them that, then how to fund and
deploy comms infrastructures and tech that have
anonymous private comms as their basis thus
nullifying disintermediating and disinteresting
such legacies of tracking.

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