\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Sun Jul 25 13:17:44 PDT 2021

>> > The string has a zero at its third byte but not its 4th, which is quite
>> > rare.
>> This is why I stopped trying to figure it out.  Even a ROT-13 wouldn't
>> have a ascii 0 or any ascii codes above 127.  It must be noise or some
>> bigger encryption than I'm willing to work for just to be led down the
>> rabbit hole of some movie venture or some shit.
> There are some pretty big supercomputers out there.  It would be great to
> know how we can contribute to solving all the world's problems rather than
> scanning blockchains to see if any addresses or transactions have a wild
> byte filled in.

The world's problems have been solved.  Like John Lennon said:  it's
there when you want it.  Find the 12-step plan for overhauling America
on Mark Janssen (yes, myself) Facebook wall.  For example, why would
the world's coal and oi (or any part of the commonwealth)l belong to a
private enterprise?  The people should anaylze it's true value, tax it
at that rate (or half), and then consume it all they want -- they
presumeably won't consume it unless they're making equal or greater
value than they spent.  The public revenue can be used to provide free
public transport from the savings of all the privately-owned vehicles
which will be off the road.  Saving enomrous amounts of land real
estate, public road maintenance, and meter or other enforcement.  It's
a no-brainer.


> It's fucked up that mediation is taken as unworkable when millions of
> people are dying and struggling every day, both near and far.  Meanwhile we
> have computers that can convince millions of people of arbitrary beliefs:
> gee, you think war has a solution now?
> The hash leads to a linked list of change addresses that eventually
> describe how we need to talk and listen rationally about our issues and
> share the means for solving them, or all of society will collapse as the
> secrets of powerholders spread unchecked.

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