Freedom Phone - The First Phone Startup Bootstrapped by Crypto?

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While caution as to use case of any new product is prudent,
and critique is helpful... without evidence of malaction,
consider if it's right to universally bash new startups
out of the market who may in fact be trying to do the
right thing as best they can with what they have
to work with, in the environment they have to do so,
while noting that nothing is one size fits all.

While the people and parent entities behind all these
tech rags neg articles are unlikely to change, new articles
by others might step back and consider the bigger picture
that is and will develop with many products and
decentralization coming to market in the near future.

All startups are full of execution mistakes
and colossal marketing fuckups. So what?

No, the phone doesn't say "MAGA" anywhere on
or in it since that probably requires licensing
and limits its scope of applicability and market.
So that was article FUD.

Nor are there yet many real anti-censor, privacy,
decentral video apps that can even run on phones yet.
We're all still on first gen messaging and feeble coin
tech. It takes people assembling new products, beyond
what the legacy central GigaCorps sell, to begin pushing
that whole envelope in the marketplace. Whether or not
someone likes the first gen, it's still progress.

Unless analysts have discovered malaction,
which so far none of the articles seem to have done,
here is the real reason for all the neg hitpiece hater articles...
BigTechMediaLeftCensorGovCorp is Sweating Bullets over Freedom Phone

The US Left, any State in general... does not want the
people to have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press,
Privacy, a non Censorship environment, Freedom of Currency,
Anonymity, Self Determination, or any real Freedom in general...
and most certainly does not want any major political party raising
mass awareness of the issue and developing any of many
potential solutions whether technical or political.
Beyond the freedom and political scope,
the stock price of Google Youtube, Facebook, Twitter
and all BigCorp News Media entities will take a huge
unrecoverable decline as decentralized protocols
and freedom from censorship etc takes over.
None of those legacies want any of that to happen, ever.

Make no mistake, this phone is a "Very Big Deal",
not for what its HW and SW currently or ever will
or wont do (in fact most of its apps are neither
decentral nor e2e crypto secure), but for what the
existence of its ideas mean.

They will probably sell a lot of them. So what?

Are these articles offering any better phone than the
legacies, trying anything at all... no, so shut up then.

And they haven't even started accepting cryptocurrency
for the phone sales yet. They will soon.
Imagine them preloading millions of followers into
Bitcoin_Cash-BCH + CashFusion, XMR, ZEC,
DERO, ARRR, DEX apps, and some other privacy
enabled censorship resistant cryptocurrencies
of the future. They could.

Lots of things could be moved forward with this phone,
that's something to be open to, while continuing to
widely review its progress.  Freedom
Phone Intro Advert  Freedom Phone Intro youtube copy  Finman w Pool on Freedom
Phone, Algorithmic Psychosis Propaganda, AnCap, and more  Timcast #337 Censor Proof
FreedomPhone w Finman  Anna Khait review  Candace Owens review

"Nobody elected Mark or Jack to be the arbiters of truth in America..."

Freedom Phone's Erik Finman was the "youngest bitcoin millionaire" kid...  Bitcoin G's  at NWLA Liberty Symposium  w Diva on the Block  Bitcoin Debate w Zach Tanenbaum  w Scott Adams  on Unschooling

Libertarian Voluntaryism crypto seeds are certainly growing in
the subconscious minds of millions of hodlers out there.
Many of them will move to consciously embracing and
trying to act on and live toward that, to include creating
products and services, aligned as best can be with it.
People are starting to figure out they can live and do
things without these legacy GovCorp intermediaries.

The phone HW itself is said to be OEM so just like many
others products it isn't anything that is unique to mission
yet, just like the Escobar Foldable Phone was an OEM with
unique marketing. OEM allows cheap, fast, customizable
to market.

Yes many things on the market are indeed scams trolling
for victims, especially closed source wonderware products.
See the recent LE perpetrated scam with the AN0M phone.
Nothing new there.

However Freedom Phone, Librem Phone, Pinephone, and other
products do show that there are profitably addressible
markets in creating preloaded customized software environments
attuned to those markets. Same as all the Linux distros do.
Secure / Privacy / Anti-Censorship is a huge untapped market
and demand is high. Capture enough of it and soon you can print
your own opensource ASICs in open and open audited Fabs.

Further the leading edge of uncensorable P2P network
applications are growing... messaging, video platforms,
privacy enabled cryptocurrencies, etc. Unfortunately this
phone doesn't yet seem to include many of them, perhaps
in part because most decentralized apps require laptop / PC
sized CPU / RAM / Storage / Network power. But also because
that's not really a big part of its focus area yet. Perhaps
when the alternative centralized apps it includes begin to have
their own problems with censorship and takedowns, they will.
It's also certainly not easy to decide to include any binary apps
at all, hard to point users to sources if ease-of-use is your
model, etc.

Freedom Phone has lots of potential to go somewhere with
its theme if they immediately roadmap and fix the issues being
raised on social media about the phone, and reach out to continue
growing an on-mission tech team to help build the customized
OS and app environment, including putting it all up opensource
on github, reproducible builds, etc. They have a lot of work
to do to before some circles will begin to take them seriously.

They could readily share development and co-fund with existing
opensource phone OS dev teams. Some reviews say they're
already using LineageOS, an alternative app store, etc.

But for the moment they're being banned off the internet and
payment providers, since that's what all these censor owned
companies and services do... while they last.

Is this phone a super duper "secure phone" yet... no.
Is it something useful for a lot of people,
something that is packaging and developing
something new beyond what the legacy offers... yes.
Is it part of the growing cluster of phones, phone OS,
and phone apps that are pushing some envelopes relevant
to the space... yes.
Is this the product for you... only you can decide that.

Perhaps if journos articles want to bash something,
they should instead be bashing Apple iPhones
and Google Pixel phones and Microsoft Windows,
and all the censors. Thus helping open up the market
for more startups to keep trying new things.

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