The Guardian: Thousands march in Cuba in rare mass protests amid economic crisis

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Sun Jul 25 01:15:33 PDT 2021

On 7/24/21, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> The balloon could use hydrogen. [1]
> day electrolyzing

That's two fun energy sources (H + solar), plus buoyancy.

If tethered then you're not spending much if any energy
on stationkeeping, only on keeping the RF gimbal
aimed at a target, or none if using omnidirectional-RF.
If not tethered then you have a lot of energy expense
just to keep in range of target.

Are liquid hydrogen tanks light enough to replace
their weight with gas volume then jettison?

Not much altitude is needed to reach out 12NM
with any system, so your tether might also carry
whatever you need.

> The water could be obtained by dessicating it out of the
> atmosphere with a deliquiescent dessicant, perhaps concentrated sulfuric

Reagents and catalysts would need refilled too.

See about making water from atmosphere via
free sun/shade/dewpoint condensation methods.

Solar-day battery-night powered planes already exist,
but they cost a lot more than simple balloons.

If you're already hanging out at 12NM with a tether
or base station, surely you can also just run whatever RF
system you want from the boat deck that will cover that
distance, no balloons or planes needed, assuming your
target has matching RF gear.

[1] Helium is rare non-renewable and should not be used
for stupid toy balloon and zeppelin shit, it's way too valuable
and needed for the next thousands years critical science research
and perhaps even to get to the next habitable star systems.

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