Bell's theorem undergoes Denning - Comey testing

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Jul 22 04:18:08 PDT 2021

Bells theory suggested quantum-encryption mechanics over-ruled any local-yokel police enforcement.  It prompted a thorough search for any hidden-escrow variables that could rationalize sky-pilot-waves controlling the narrative. 
The answer was soon coming back negatory as Bell survived every test thrown at it. By 2015 James Comey was reduced to begging Pope Thiel on his knees for a back-hole solution. 
But no matter how far back in time the notion of God having the ultimate covert surveillance went it was no small matter that uncrackable military-grade-encryption was baked-in-the-universe's cake. 
Crypto-anarchy then remains the most strongly based science imaginable outside quantum-mechanics. And if there was a Multi-sig God we would have to destroy it. 

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