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hello Karl, my replies in-line below, clear-signed, per usual :)

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On Monday, July 19th, 2021 at 8:20 AM, Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm in kitchen making lunchish.  Thinking about multiple processes
> writing to a named pipe a little.

this is my favorite technique to break mental blocks:
 - step away from keyboard
 - take a break: food, drink, smoke, etc :P
 - resume with new perspective!

> Back at system.  Continuing seems difficult.

this is understandable.
know that even the most capable of humans reaches limits!

you may think you're talking into the ether, but there are
listeners...  sometimes i think of a problem you're having,
and wonder, "did he think of this?" and yes, you did. other
times i say, "he should try this!" and your next message,
yes you try that. :)  and if i wonder, i can always reference.

my current suggestions:

1. keep it simple: i admire the chain mechanisms, but i fear they
are all too volatile, complex, fleeting.

what about multiple redundant physical copies of small data?
data that fits on USB and microSD and things you can geocache?

2. keep on doing what you're doing. as i say: your written record
is informative and helpful and humanizing.

my promise to you is that i'll use all my powers to persist the
cypherpunks email from now forward. (i have some going back a bit,
but we'll call this the persistent epoch :)

3. exercise your backups.  try restoring your system to another.
try check-sum'ing all data in your physical media archive,
try locating that geocache and making a copy :)

this will help building confidence in your protections.

best regards, and take care of yourself,



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