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Passerby walked up to a pile of destroyed universes.

"Hmm," muttered Passerby.  "This looks vexing."

 Some of the universes were twisted into other universes.  Some were broken
into tiny pieces and scattered.  Some were inside out, others had reverse
time.  It was an apocalypse of meta-apocalypses.

And over there was Passerby's very own universe, and there they were inside
it.  Their peacetime had apparently gotten tangled.  Some of their
historical events were twisted up into their present physical spaces.  New
timelines were spawning left and right as their poor physical laws tried to
act on the situation.

Passerby was pretty excited to get back into their universe and tell their
friends about all the other universes they had discovered in the pile of
destroyed ones.  And to that, all they had to do was fix everything!

Passerby thought about it with confidence and satisfaction, and dived in!

Over here were a few hypercubic lightyears of tangled hells that had were
squashing some precious heavenly moments.  Mph!  Passerby lifted them and
shoved them off into a different dimension.

Over there were more hypercubic lightyears of crucial knowledge and
history, all broken and scattered everywhere from apocalypse that had been
spreading from the hells.  Passerby excitedly rushed around, gathered them
up, got to know each and every one of them and quickly brought them all
where they went.

Soon other people came forth from the harmonised and reunited universe
parts, and began helping Passerby out in droves.

"One!  Two!  One!  Two!" could be heard echoing across the sideways as a
throng of angels and college professors shoved fragmented physical laws
holding buildings and planets back together.

In another corner, ancient stars and galaxies were pensively beaming as
they shoved their orbits back in place, and Passerby worked with
astrologers, astronomers, dreamers, and physicists to right all the
databases, studies, and other associated public and historical parts.

While they were working hard, some angels, animals, and politicians could
be seen guiding and pushing bright timematter into place, and software
developers, businessmen, activists began organising for the problems to
practically right themselves on their own.

Passerby sat back, a hardworking felon to their left, a mystical avatar to
their right, and everyone smiled smugly.  The universes were fixed!

They popped back into theirs and resumed their life.
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