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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 18:37:34 PDT 2021


I submitted a fix for the segfaults at
https://github.com/filecoin-project/lotus/pull/6787 .

I don't understand the underlying cause well.  I'm guessing it's because
some of the dealids were lost, maybe they didn't go through while the node
was offline, dunno.

One of my deals remains and it has completed.  Theoretically the data is
online!  8:17p

when I search for my uploaded file, lotus hangs.  It could be from my
corrupt repository.

while I was typing the above, lotus found the uploaded file and said it
could retrieve it

I deleted the data from lotus's local repository and will try to retrieve
it from the miner storing it.

It retrieved fine my hello-world.txt, although I am only now actually
paying attention to where it goes and looking at it.  I tried for some time
to figure out how to request it from specific miners using the cli tools:
this seemed hard to figure out without using https://filecoin.tools to
lookup the form of the payload cid involved =/

The find function and retrieve function appear to possibly use the same
offer object, so it is  easy to do programmatically by attending to
whatever it is of importance that is in the offer object.

It takes about 2 minutes to retrieve my helloworld file.  I think it is
mostly because it is pinging nonresponsive nodes to see if they can send
it.  A quick workaround would be to stop as soon as a reasonable node is
found.  But we do want a way to probe nodes for whether they still will
send a file.

I'll check the actual download, and then see if I can get it with a fresh
.lotus dir, I guess.
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