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The pedestrian was laying near the gutter.  They were still clutching
tightly to the ground.  Sometimes their limbs would flail a little, or they
would make sudden inward ghasps sounding like "eep!"

The lotus and the gutter brick sat and patiently waited.

"Hey up there, are you okay?"

 "What happened to the world?   What happened?"

 "Gravity flipped upside down briefly.  It was a huge adventure in here!
Imagine whitewater rafting while blindfolded!"

The pedestrian choked and chuckled a little.

"How are you still so close to this grate?"

"I stayed right here, the water was gushing above me."

 "Oh.  That makes sense. ...  Why would gravity turn upside down?"

 "It was an emergency.  The lotus was so relaxed that the world stewards
were confused.  They needed to know that exciting things still happened in
the world."

 "I don't believe you."

 "It's okay.  It's true, though, you know."

 No, that wasn't quite the reason.

"So, lotus.  What must I learn to bring you to infura.io?"

 The lotus floated in the pond by the gutter.  Some insects hopped in the
pond.  The lotus flower was detached from the plant that grew it.

The pedestrian wondered if it could grow seeds detached, but suspected not.

The seeds of beauty of a flower last far longer than its offspring.  Some
lotus seeds have been germinated after thousands of years, but how old is
the culture of horticulture of the flower?

The pedestrian thought of seeds of beauty, vs seeds of a plant.  Both have
life, they supposed.
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