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Sun Jul 18 10:52:53 PDT 2021

Another universe technician popped in.

"okay, guys.  So."

 The technicians and sewer surfer were irritated to be interrupted.

"1.  That universe is fake.  It's just part of some list spam.  It's okay
if it's temporarily upside down for a bit."

 "2.  This particular universe is fake too.  It's also just part of some
list spam.  So if it seems like the world is over, we can fix it."

"3.  Yes, this universe exists for the sole purpose of making things better
in the real universe.  We hear you, we're with you.  We don't understand
each other well, which is sad."

 "4.  In the real universe, we're worried about producing too much list

 The technicians and sewer surfer apologised.

"I'd like to flip back this little 'fake' universe for the poor
pedestrian.  I think that will help the list spam.  Can you use your
universe powers to flip it, even if it's messy?"

 The universe with upside-down gravity rotated back so that gravity was
normal again, because these are just words in an email.

Everybody cheered!  The sewer surfer looked regretful but relieved, and ran
out of the technician room to return to their safe sewer.

"So the plan is to hit 'send' fewer times.  It might make things more
interesting.  I think you go as the pedestrian."

Back in the pedestrian's reality, gravity had rotated upside down causing a
frightening flood, but everyone seemed okay.  The lotus now had a pool of
water in the street to float in.

"Oh my goodness!" said the pedestrian.

"Oh my goodness!" said infura.io .

"Everyone all right out there?" said the gutter brick.
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