EUNUCH JIM Bells risible parchment worship and masochism on display here

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Jul 18 03:07:07 PDT 2021

A "libertarian" quasi-academic think-tank which acts as a mouthpiece for the globalism, corporatism, and neoliberalism of its corporate and conservative funders. the Jim Bell Project, sorry, Cato Institute is an astroturf organization: there is no significant participation by the tiny libertarian minority. They do not fund it or affect its goals. It is a creature of corporations and foundations.

The major purpose of the Cato Institute is to provide propaganda and soundbites for conservative and libertarian politicians and journalists that is conveniently free of reference to funders such as tobacco, fossil fuel, investment, media, medical, and other regulated industries.

Cato is one of the most blatant examples of "simulated rationality" outside of REASON magazine and the Electric Shitcoin company. 

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