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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 03:00:49 PDT 2021

K let's figure this filecoin thing out.  5:53 EST.

Filecoin's reference client is called "lotus" and it's written in go.

lotus installation: https://docs.filecoin.io/get-started/lotus/installation/
-> it says you can run in the cloud for $100 credit.  I did not receive a
credit when I tried this.  The user-experience involves handling fewer
crashes with more ram and disk, which gets expensive quickly.  There is a
bug in the digitalocean image where it download the chain from a web source
every reboot.  I submitted information on fixing the bug to their github
and am not aware of having received a reply. 5:57a

Data storage tutorial:

This talks about cli usage but does not indicate remote nodes.

Eureka: I think lotus (maybe it was another node app?) has a lightweight
mode already built in.

Subgoal:  see if lotus has a lightweight, remote-use mode.  Finding
discussion of this is likely to find at least one remote-use node.
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