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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 02:33:34 PDT 2021

Goal: back up my data and broken harddrives in a way that preserves

Concern: data stored in the cloud has experienced corruption for me
Concern: objects held physically have experienced damage for me
Concern: algorithms running on local systems have experienced misbehavior
for me
Concern: I do not have much money

Solution 1: make or use an interface to blockchain storage

Solution 2: find money for cloud storage and set up a system for verifying
data integrity, one or the other

Solution 3: get rugged physical storage, and set up a system for verifying
data integrity

Harmful behavior: I have 3 vps hosts I am paying for right now.  One of
them I have lost access to and support hasn't responded to any queries.  It
would be nice to only use 1 vps service.

Harmful behavior:  I freak out when I try to back things up.  I have piles
of things pending backup.
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