ASSMANGE still needs killing ( My 20 sats ) Mr.Appelbaum

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> Instead, we can ask him (Jacob Appelbaum) this.Was it really the abuse that got him fired, or was there something he couldn't explain? 

	the 'abuse' thing is just a bunch of typical feminazi lies. Ergo, there must be something else. I think at some point appelbaum didn't fully toe the tor party line and so he became a 'rapist'.

	That sort of feminazi character assasination or PSYOP is one of the oldest tricks used in puritan societies that live in the dark ages and pretend that sex is evil. England and the US being the best examples of such puritan cesspools. 

> I wonder why Jake is silent.
> I respect his code skills, but his old coworkers said some bad things about him.But someone else who was close to him said that Tor's software was jealous of him, that's why.I think he's been silent for other reasons.i think these reasons should be made clear now.
> He's collecting documents for the Assange case, and he has to say some things now.
> I'm tired of hearing the lies of crooks like Micahlee.
> What time is he waiting to talk?
> People who don't respect him(Jake) talk about his coding skills, and they make fun of him saying he's (Appelbaum) married
> Now it's time to go back to the virtual world
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> > On Sat, 17 Jul 2021 12:20:19 +0000 (UTC)
> > professor turd <pro2rat at> vomited:
> >
> >>
> >> Then said Nazi-fag-moron and probable FBI informant - provocateur, Batshit, seemed happy enough to mock Jacob Appelbaum - at least till he showed up in person.
> >
> > I guess professor turd can't even read.
> >
> > I'm waiting for jakobo appelbaum, who got hundreds of thousands of dollars from the pentagon for promoting the fake anonimity network tor, and who was an accomplice of US military crimes in the middle east (so called 'arab spring') to tell us how the feminazis kicked him out of tor.

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